ADOPTION: Blog Post #40 – Court and Conversation

I have been asked once again to speak about my book, ADOPTION: Encouragement and Advice for a Hopeful Journey. Along with talking about my book, the host of the event has asked me to share about my adoption journey including the murder aftermath of my 18 y.o. adopted daughter, Destiny, as well as my personal testimony of Christian faith. These three things are entertwined on many levels and I pray that those who attend from our community will be moved to serve the Lord through their time and talents in helping our vulnerable children. Further, that we will experience an increase in the strength of our community’s faith in Almighty God through His son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Such presentations are more of a conversation for me – it is hard to pour out my heart to strangers yet in doing so, we become friends just talking and sharing life’s tragedies and blessings.

With yet another mass shooting at a school in Florida this week, we need to be reminded that our tomorrows are not promised. Also, a culture of abortion, abuse and neglect, evolutionary thought, imploding marriage, sexual confusion, uber-violence in entertainment, and laws against Christian character being taught in our public schools is destroying our children and families. The two most dangerous places to live in the U.S. for our children seem to be the womb and public school.

Ironically, in order to give my presentation in two weeks, I’ll have to leave the courtroom hearing where a forensic palentologist will be testifying as to how my at-risk daughter and her drug-dealer companion were violently murdered. I’ve heard the testimony before in the evidentiary hearing of the first accused defendant, and this the same type of hearing for the second defendant. I am praying that both accused men will repent of their heinious sin, get right with God, be tried as adults before a jury, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison without parole as restitution and protection for our society. With Christ as their Savior, even if encarcerated, their lives can bear fruit and remain meaningful.

This is an arduous life I lead but I would not choose to do it differently. I am His servant and because He walks with me every day, I know it will be blessed no matter what happens.

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