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Death, Where is Thy Sting?
Release Date: August 30th 2020
Genre(s): Autobiography, Christian, Death/Dying, End-of-Life Planning, Inspirational, Non-Fiction, Self-Help,

Based on the Author’s own experiences with unexpected death in her family – infant death
from sudden illness, spousal death from heart attack, and tragic murder of her teenage
daughter – the reader walks through the surviving to thriving during the grief process. Further,
the author’s inspirational life story paints a true picture of living fully in preparation for our own
inevitable death and the Heavenly glory that Christians will experience in the afterlife.
McMinn is a down-to-earth writer who engages readers with her storytelling and wit.
Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes absurdly humorous, her writing is wisdom put into
practice. Readers finish her books feeling inspired and driven to find accomplishment, joy and
satisfaction in life.

i. Acknowledgements
ii. Forward
iii. Preface
Part 1 – The Unexpected Death
1. In the Twinkling of an Eye
2. Our Neighborhood Helps Us Grieve
3. Helping My Children Overcome their Loss
4. Loving My Husband Through Anger
5. A New Mission for Our Lives as Parents
Part 2 – The Natural Death
6. An Over-the-top Life
7. The Best Birthday Ever
8. That Sunday Morning
9. Life Goes On
10. A New Mission for My Life as a Widow
Part 3 – The Horrific Death
11. Our Choices Have Consequences
12. God Alone Numbers Our Days
13. Childhood Trauma Costs Us
14. My Next Mission in Life as a Trauma Momma
Part 4 – Preparing for Our Own Death
15. Getting Affairs in Order
16. Ensuring Our Loved Ones Know We Love Them
17. Transitioning from Earthly to Eternal Life
18. Bucket List – Live Like You Are Dying
19. Every Day Counts – Storing Up Treasures in Heaven
20. My Final Mission of Earthly Life – Writing that Teaches and Inspires
iv. End Notes