What Authors Say About Shari’s EDITING

“For years, Shari McMinn has been inspiring and equipping home educating parents as the Editor for CHEC’s Homeschool Update magazine. She possesses the rare combination of creativity and attention to detail, which makes her excel in her literary field. Shari is the master of relevant and engaging content that connects with her readers right where they live!”               – Steve Craig, Executive Director, Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC)

“If you are a new author, a bucket list clicker, or just a person on a mission and you want to publish a book about what drives your emotions, Shari McMinn with BCF Publishing should be your choice for editor! I had never written a book before, and I was moved to write about my life story in dealing with Parkinson’s disease, but I did not know where to start or exactly what to do. Shari walked me through the entire process in a friendly, honest, and professional style. Shari’s accuracy, timeliness, and the ability to interpret what I wanted to say, but help me put the words in a better format, amazed me. I would highly recommend her editing services to any future author!”                                                                                                                                                       – Greg Ritscher, author of Rising Above Parkinson’s

What Audiences Say About Shari’s SPEAKING

“I found Shari’s teaching during the CHEC Homeschool Introductory Seminar “Nuts & Bolts” portion to be very encouraging, helpful, and practical. Her honesty and humor made for an engaging, heartfelt, and inspiring workshop.” (from a new to homeschooling parent)

In her PowerPoint presentation, Homeschooling Your UNIQUE Child, Shari’s experience with and knowledge of special needs labels and how to help all children succeed in homeschool by starting where they are at — meeting their academic, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs — was instrumental in my gaining confidence to homeschool my child and do it well.” (from a parent of a “struggling learner” adopted child)

“Having attended Shari’s PowerPoint presentation, The Preschool Years: Raising and Nurturing Toddlers, I learned the importance of engaging in relationships with your young children by doing life together. I was inspired to become a more “hands on” parent for my toddler and preschooler, and challenged to consider homeschooling them. I now understand that we parents — not credentialed “experts” — are our children’s first and best teacher through all their developmental stages and years of growing up in our home. God equips us to meet their needs and He desires that we enjoy our time with them. Even though the days seem long, the years fly by!” (from a young mom)

“I am an aspiring author who attended Shari’s PowerPoint presentation, Your Manuscript is Complete: What’s Next to Have Your Book Sales Ready?. It was very helpful in expanding my view of what is truly necessary — skills, time, and expense wise — to have my book published for successful sales. I didn’t realize all the steps involved in the process, yet Shari broke them down into manageable portions to hopefully make my dream become a reality. She is an inspiring speaker yet full of practical wisdom gleaned from her own experience with writing, editing, and marketing.” (a middle-aged writer hoping for a second career as a published author and public speaker)

What Readers Say About Shari’s WRITING

“I can’t stop reading and my eyes are drooping! So much valuable insight that relates to other aspects of our lives other than losing a loved one — mourning and loss of what we once knew to be true, only to have it shattered. Death, Where is Thy Sting? has given me great insight into how I can deal with depression, pain, and loss. This book is a GIFT for eternity!”  – C.M. 

Make a Meal + Share a Meal is no ordinary cookbook. Written from a place of grief, hope, love, and compassion, it goes way beyond your regular cookbook. Shari’s heart and love for her family and community shines through as she shares how to not only serve hearty, healthy, homemade meals to family but also serve those in the community who could use a meal as well.” – G.H.

“I’ve studied Christian psychology, counseling, and theology in college, in graduate school, and in two seminaries. I taught in a Christian school for two years. I’ve been a pastor and Christian counselor for over 37 years. But Shari McMinn has taught me more about raising adopted children in her book, ADOPTION: Encouragement and Advice for a Hopeful Journey, than I learned in all these years of training. I only wish I’d have had this book to guide me when my wife and I adopted our two boys, now ages 30 and 33. Shari may not have a formal doctoral degree, but she has definitely earned an honorary doctorate during her years of study and hands-on training in the area of adoption. This book is jam-packed with specific, practical, biblical help in understanding the ministry of raising adopted children. She’s researched a ton of information in the adoption field. But she’s also learned much by plain old “trial and error.” – Dr. J.K.B.

“In her debut book, Stretched, Yet Unbroken, Shari has brought to life the Howard and McMinn family legacy for future generations to read and be inspired. Bring a tissue as you live their life, including the Heavenly home-going of her beloved husband, Cary, and see the faithfulness of the Lord. May we all be encouraged to revisit our family legacies to learn of God’s enduring love for us.” – R.C.