I have enjoyed a passion for reading all my life, but never gained a passion for writing until two personally devastating events occurred in my life:

  1. the shocking, unexpected death of my healthy infant daughter, Christmas Day 1995.
  2. the sudden, unanticipated death of my beloved husband on June 2, 2013.

Writing became my therapy when nothing else was possible. Writing became my passion when I realized that others could be comforted, edified, and inspired by my family’s life stories.

I have lived a common life. I am an average, middle-class American. Yet, God gave me a desire and accompanying stamina from early childhood to live life to the fullest. Along with my beloved husband and our 11 children, we have lived an ‘over-the-top’ life that is rich with lessons, living, and love.

My parents brought me up in the Christian faith, and though I wandered far from it during my young adult years, the Lord called me back to Himself, saving me from myself. He has stretched and challenged me in ways I never fathomed.   I am filled with awe at all the things He has taught me. I am stunned with reverence for the loving mercy He has shown me. I am moved to tears for the blessings He continues to bestow upon me.

Thankfully, my personality is one that has always seen the cup as half full yet refillable, and I possess a sense of ironic humor that allows me to laugh in the face of danger and adversity. My life would be daunting, overwhelming, and insufferable, but for Jesus Christ whom I love with all my heart, and serve with all my life.

Currently, I write non-fiction books, blog articles, and a support group newsletter. I also write and compile my PowerPoint presentations for public speaking engagements.