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Here’s my initial outline of the book. Some things have changed so check it out for yourself by picking up a copy today!

Make a Meal + Share A Meal
Planned Release date: November 2018
Genre(s): Christian, Cookbook, Mission, Inspirational, Non-Fiction, Nutrition

A farmwife and mom to 11, the author calculates she has served 3 meals a day plus snack for 30 years from her humble kitchen within a modest budget. Feeding her family of 11, and frequently sharing with families and singles in need, her wholesome cooking and large family love is rarely found in today’s kitchens. Based on her favorite go-to recipes for big batch cooking with leftovers in mind, these simple and nutritious recipes will put smiles on faces and fill hungry stomachs.
Whether you choose to prepare these recipes for your family only, or share them with others as the author recommends, you will learn to prepare meals with simple ingredients and special flavors from many cultures. In between, you’ll surely enjoy Shari’s humorous stories of life on a small farm raising livestock whose meat becomes the basis for these recipes. Vegetarians and families with special dietary needs can find numerous dishes to prepare and enjoy with simple modifications.
This cookbook was a creative detour while McMinn was writing her third non-fiction book, Death: Where is Thy Sting? You will learn about her cooking, writing, and Christian living journey as you experience her family’s meal table. Enjoy! And, Bon Appetit!

Table of Contents (proposed)
i. Acknowledgements
ii. Forward
iii. Why?
vi. Who?
v. What?
vi. How?

Beef Main Dishes
1. Beef Goulash Macaroni
2. Beef Meatballs with Roasted Potatoes
3. Beef Meatloaf w/ Gravy on Biscuits
4. Beef Teriyaki on Rice
5. Beef Tomato Spaghetti

Chicken Main Dishes
6. Chicken Alfredo Fettuccini
7. Chicken Cacciatore Rotini
8. Chicken Gravy on Mashed Potatoes
9. Chicken Green Chili Enchiladas
10. Chicken Hawaiian on Rice

Pork Main Dishes
11. Pork Asian on Ramen
12. Pork BBQ on Grits
13. Pork Sausage Gravy on Toasted Bread Cubes
14. Pork Sausage Links on Gratin Potatoes
15. Pork Tamale Casserole

Bean (Meatless) Main Dishes
16. Beans (Pinto) and Rice Burritos
17. Beans (Kidney) Baked on Cornbread
18. Beans (White) Mediterranean on Pasta
19. Beans (Long) Asian Garlic on Ramen
20. Beans (Lentil) Curry on Rice

Vegetables – the Why and How of Purchasing and Preparing as Sides
G. Dry Goods for Breakfast and Lunch Meals
21. Homemade Trail Mix for Breakfasts and Snacks
22. Inexpensive Shelf Goods for Lunches

Other Share a Meal Ideas for Home, Church, and Community
23. Chinese Sunday Dinner
24. Potato Bar
25. Stone Soup
26. Taco Salad
27. Tex Mex Breakfast Burritos

Gracious Sharing with Those in Need – How, When, Where, Why?