I gladly encourage aspiring authors with guidance ahead of their writing a manuscript. The advice I give is “free” so that you will write an “editor-friendly” manuscript which is clean and free of common errors often made by first-time authors.

After authors have completed their manuscript, I hire myself out as a content, copy, and/or managing editor; you can contact me here [email protected] with details of your project for my consideration of becoming your professional editor.

I edit my own writing for articles and blog posts. I pre-edit my writing for books prior to enlisting the aid of professional grammarians. Still, there are a few ‘uh ohs’ that I wind up catching when I read my published book for the first time! It is indeed a challenge to achieve perfection on 200-300 pages!

I hire myself out as a pre-editor, and you can contact me here [email protected] with details of your project you want me to consider.

I am the on-staff Editor for Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC) Homeschool Update magazine. Published three times a year, the print run averages 6,000 copies. You can access the magazine through their website here www.chec.org

“Shari and I have been friends and worked together in various capacities for more than 20 years. During that time, she has edited for me web content, dozens of blog posts, eblasts and articles for publication, as well as two books I’ve written in the past few years. Shari’s insights are keen, she knows what I am thinking and how I want to convey it, and she helps me state things more clearly than I can do it on my own.” – Mike Cheney, Director, AMEProgram.com

As Editor for the CHEC Homeschool Update, I accept unsolicited articles regarding homeschooling. Click here to send via email. [email protected]

Typically we have the following ‘columns’ which are standard every issue (not necessarily theme based), for which we are always in search of strong writers:

  • Dad to Dad (Veteran homeschool fathers share their experiences and wisdom to encourage a new generation)
  • Gen2 (homeschool graduates discuss the blessings of homeschooling and what they are doing now)
  • Struggling Learners (for special needs or struggling students; we prefer a professional or experienced parent)

Short articles should be around 400-500 words. Feature (long) articles should be 800-1000 words. Please have someone pre-edit your writing before submitting to me. I want to read your best work!

If you are a blogger, email me your site address, and note one of your favorite articles related to homeschooling. If I believe an article is worthy, I’ll pass it on to the CHEC.org blog manager for reprint consideration.

CHEC does not pay our writers, but we do give them by-line credit. Along with the article, writers should include a recent photo and 50-word or less bio with business email or website. I email selected chosen writers with the magazine on-line for access to the edited, published article.

Articles or questions? Please email me.