I am a professional Public Speaker. I speak to both secular and Christian audiences, always from a Christian worldview. I have lived a full, multi-faceted life, from which I draw for my public speaking. Major topics include:

Childhood Nutrition
Dealing with Death
Family Economy

Frugal Living
Grief and Trauma Recovery
Infant Death Aftermath and Recovery
Large Family Living
Pro-Active Parenting
Small-scale Sustainable Farming
Young Writers
Working Widowhood
Writing as a Second Career

I have developed and presented a number of PowerPoint presentations over the years. I can customize an existing one for your event, or create a totally unique one just for your audience. Please email me to request examples based on your desired topics

If you are interested in having me speak at your event or workshop, please contact me here [email protected] I will need to know your budget, date, length of time to speak, number of times to speak if multi-day event, target audience, topic, and venue in order to consider the opportunity. Once we have discussed the particulars, I will quote a reasonable fee with travel reimbursement parameters.

Below, is my Public Speaking Resume. Though not up-to-date since 2016, you will see the types of venues at which I have spoken through the years, both large and small. Since the Covid19 pandemic, I have also conducted many sessions remotely on webcast platforms.

Contact me about speaking at your upcoming event. One of the more enjoyable things I get to do regarding my writing, is to encourage my children, and other young people, to develop writing as a life-long habit and second career. I hope you’ll invite me to teach a workshop for inspiring and instructing young writers.