DWITS #14 – Chapter 11, Life Goes On

Above, three of my sons embraced each other for a moment of comfort after Cary’s memorial service. Our life had changed forever, but it continued on despite our shock and grief.

This mid-chapter excerpt tells of the high point of memorializing one’s death — a grand celebration of a life well lived — even though difficult days immediately follow.


(Chapter begins in book.)

We held a magnificent service in a large, local church to celebrate Cary’s life, which was standing room only. So many people came; so many spoke. It was an incredible testimony to the man I loved and gladly called my husband. Included were an edifying “Come to Jesus!” sermon and glorious music with the old hymns he loved to sing off-key. The casket — draped with both Christian and Scottish flags — was escorted out by my sons and Cary’s best friend Alan, tailed by a bagpiper playing “Amazing Grace”. The service was followed by a long receiving line, then a feast provided by many of our loving friends.

We held the meal outdoors to accommodate the five hundred who came to celebrate a life well-lived, and comfort those of us who had to now live on without him. Chairs and tables were borrowed from three local churches just to seat the overflowing crowd who stayed for the lawn banquet. The typically stormy afternoon Colorado summer climate gave way to sun and gentle breezes.

It was a party he would have loved with a multitude of friends telling hilarious stories. The overflow of comfort and reminiscing with beloved family and friends buoyed me up. Laughing through my own tears, I was able to hug and thank all who came to pay their respects to my good husband and our shocked family. He was a friend to so many, some whom I had never met until that day. The grand finale was over before we knew it. The next day, life began again for our family with a huge Cary-the-Husband-the-Dad-the Cowboy-shaped hole in it.

(Chapter ends in book.)

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