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It’s pretty exciting that my 3rd book is available for sale on Amazon in both softcover and Kindle! Here is the link for MAKE A MEAL + SHARE A MEAL, An Easy Cookbook for Large Batch Family Meals with Leftover to Freeze or Share With Others in Need:

In this post, I am grateful to share the amazing endorsements I received from my Beta readers. I hope reading these will encourage you that this cookbook is so much more than just my tried and true original recipes!

This cookbook is unique in that the author, Shari McMinn, provides very practical suggestions for sharing meals with others, limits allergens and processed foods in her recipes, and describes how to economically make enough for large families with suggestions for dividing or multiplying the recipes to share or freeze for later.  Enjoyable to read, there are also helpful tips on food safety and personal safety when meal sharing becomes a ministry to outsiders. Whether you have a large or small family, live on a farm or in the city, have been cooking for years or are just starting, this resourceful book will help you use your cooking as a ministry to your family and others.         – Carol and Mike Brabo; Vesterbrook Farm, Clarksville, Missouri 

Food feeds people’s souls. During a very dark season of our lives when we were broken both in spirit and in wallet, my husband and I were fighting loneliness, bitterness, depression, and fear. Although people helped in a variety of ways, it was the homecooked meals prepared by already busy hands that I still remember and still bring tears to my eyes because they truly worked as a healing balm to our hurting hearts. I thank God for the people who loved us. Whether serving a family with a new baby or an elderly neighbor, Shari’s book makes it oh-so-doable to be Christ’s hands. Written in sweet farmwife vernacular, I feel like she is in the kitchen with me whenever I open her book!    –  Kassandra Brent, homeschooling mom of 5 children; Akron, Colorado 

It’s hard to find recipes that serve more than the average size family, and sometimes the logistics of doubling ingredients are more complicated than you would think.  Whether you are looking to feed a large crowd, multiply dinners for your freezer, or share meals with others, Make a Meal + Share a Meal has you covered. Shari does an excellent job of providing simple recipes and instructions that anyone can follow.  She has paid attention to details like price, cooking tools, packaging options, and keeping things easy so that you don’t have to.  She even expands to include food prep safety and how to be intentional when sharing meals. The “farm life” stories sprinkled throughout make this a fun, easy read.    – Christy Comstock, homeschooling mom of 7; Monument, Colorado 

This is a great cookbook! I like the layout and that it has a real back story that includes a real down-to-earth family that many can relate to. The recipes are easy to follow and easy to cut in half if need be. We normally have 8-10 people in our home. With odd work schedules and a couple of picky eaters, it’s nice to have something that is simple and tasty without a lot of ingredients.   – Michelle Crispin, homeschool mom, grandmom, church volunteer; Arcadia, Florida

I have loved kitchen supplies and cooking for as long as I remember and have an embarrassing large collection of cookbooks. None that sit on my shelf share the same heart and passion that the Make a Meal + Share a Meal cookbook does. It honors the Lord with the author’s heartfelt tales, “funny farm stories,” and passion for serving those around her family. The practical tips and “how-to’s” are incredibly insightful and helpful. I may have hundreds of cookbooks on my shelves, but this will sit on my counter to be used regularly for my family and friends as well as large group gatherings.  Brandee Gillham, homeschool mama of 4 children; Peetz, Colorado

This is no ordinary cookbook.  Written from a place of grief, hope, love and compassion it goes way beyond your regular cookbook.  Shari’s heart and love for her family and community shines through as she shares how to not only serve hearty, healthy, homemade meals to family but also serve those in the community that could use a meal as well. This is a great resource for anyone that is wanting to know how to better serve in this way.   – Gabrielle Harder, wife to a retired Air Force officer, mom of 10; Elbert, Colorado

I heartily recommend Make a Meal + Share a Meal. Besides offering scrumptious, easy to prepare meals for 12-20, Shari McMinn beautifully describes how to minister through loving hospitality, touching the lives of people who need comfort or friendship through gifting them with a meal. There are delightful stories of farm life with a large family woven throughout this one of a kind, very special cookbook. Opportunities abound for serving others, blessing them with a delicious meal. The wonderful recipes and creative ideas presented here offer something for everyone.    Susan Malone; Timnath, Colorado

I particularly loved the themes of generosity, feeding people in need, and recipes for large groups.  What a refreshing change from a regular cookbook.   –  Phylis Ritscher; mom, grandma, and family ministry coordinator; Littleton, Colorado

I had the pleasure of reading and using the Make A Meal + Share A Meal Cookbook by Shari McMinn. I was truly touched and inspired by her ability to use this cookbook as a means of healing from her tremendous loss, but also, as a way to give back to others. In true Christian spirit, Shari has managed to create a book that will be a gift to many. I received this cookbook during a time when I had many friends who were going through rough seasons in their lives. I was not only able to prepare and cook meals to share with them, but also share the spirit of the cookbook as well.  – Cindy Stephens, Christian, homeschool mom and wife; Henderson, Nevada



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