THE JOYFUL (Brokenhearted) WIDOW

My Journey Through Grief Into a New Season

The next book I plan to write will be of interest to widows and single moms. It will be inspirational and practical. When my beloved husband died in his sleep unexpectedly, leaving me with a farm to run and 10 children to parent, I could not find any helpful resources that were reader appealing, written in this century! I searched – without success – for a resource from a Christian perspective that would instruct me in how to begin to put my life back together, then truly live with joy again. I wanted a book I would be interested in reading, which would be encouraging, and from which I could glean practical advice for my day to day living. I sought to honor my husband in my widowhood, and keep myself moving forward for my children. Instead of reading a book that didn’t exist, writing became my therapy. I determined to eventually write a book that would encourage other women like me to find a satisfying new season of life.

My tentative schedule is to begin seriously writing this book in the Fall of 2016, with the manuscript to be complete and ready for professional edit by May 31, 2017. If my publisher agrees, I have a goal for my book be in print and e-book by Thanksgiving of 2017, in order to be ready for holiday gift promotion. I think it will make a great gift for a widow you love!

Table of Contents with Chapter Outline coming soon….