My late husband and I both enjoyed encouraging and teaching our children during their homeschooling years. Now, half of my children are adults and have a wide-variety of careers and businesses. Our family economy mind-set is flourishing during this new season, and we enjoy helping promote each one. Please take time to connect with us through visiting these websites related to our endeavors.

I wrote the articles for each of these sites. My son, Justin McMinn, helped build the Stretched Yet Unbroken book website, as well as this site you are on now.

Blessed Creek Farm

Our family farm meat is produced with sustainable practices we call ‘naturally raised’ or ‘the old fashioned way’. This includes morning and evening care by our family members. Livestock are on pasture, and supplemented in paddocks only with green fodder sprouts or grass hay when weather prevents grazing. Our meat is free of GMOs, hormones, and chemical inputs. We use low-technology, energy saving practices. We raise heritage breed livestock for easy births, easy handling of livestock as we rotate them on pastures, value added hides and other by-products, as well as preserving the unimproved, hardy stock breed lines.

Expanding Horizons Media

Prior to the death of my late husband, Cary McMinn, we determined to start a media company that would produce high-quality, faith building, family friendly books and films which tell ‘lost and found stories’. Several of my adult children have been involved with this company through writing and film-making. My daughter, Hayley McMinn, is a Hollywood trained professional actress and model, who also writes screenplays and novels.

Stretched Yet Unbroken Book

This is a fairly extensive website used to market my first non-fiction book. Blog post of excerpts from each chapter are included, along with other relevant information.

My First Christian Adoption Website

My first website was launched in 2010. What began as an outlet when I was a frustrated and overwhelmed mom, has 5 years later become my latest book. Many of these early blog posts were written through my tears for the lack of available knowledge on the subject of how to successfully raise adopted children from a trauma background. The book came into being as I researched, attended workshops, sought out trainings, fellowshipped with other foster and adoptive parents, and learned as I parented my children’s day-to-day.

Colorado Fleet and Mobility, LLC

My eldest son Justin’s business in which he is an owner/partner. They sell used commercial and fleet vans and trucks, as well as handicap and mobility equipped vehicles. They run a small, efficient business with great prices and clean vehicles. Additionally he offers a $499 broker service for locating specific vehicles if you are searching for one.